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"Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, man cannot live without a spiritual life"--Buddha

Prophets, scholars, artists and philosophers have all pondered the meaning of life since the beginning of time. The journey of life as a metaphor sparks a limitless inquiry not only into the path, the direction and the experience, but also the motivation, the purpose, and even the potential endgame. Contemplation often deepens our understanding of difficult questions, and the ways in which we choose to examine them can take many forms, including meditation, communion with nature, prayer, devotional acts, and inspired creation.  


Spiritual Journeys


Spirituality: the art of keeping your internal flame alive--Maxime Lagacé

Art and faith frequently align in fantastically unexpected ways to spark inspiration and joy. The coalescence of devotion to a community, the creation of beauty through sound, and the search for spiritual connection, lie at the heart of the Bach/Biber Project. The journey towards its realization can be told from the paths that the composers, the performers, and the community have taken that reveal the significance of sparking a flame, nurturing it, and then sharing it.

If you choose to come with us on this journey, please consider these performances to be opportunities to enjoy, to commune, to meditate (or simply to rest), to imagine, perhaps to raise awareness, or even just to live in the moment--all possibilities that are created by this most exquisite form of nonverbal communication---music.


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