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The Violins and Keyboard Played 


Sofia Vettori

2022 Copy of Guarneri del Gesu "Il Cannone", 1743

Year 1 Presentations

J.S. Bach Sonata #1 in g minor, BWV 1001

J.S. Bach Partita No. 1 in b minor, BWV 1002

H.I.F Biber Rosary Sonata No. 1 in d minor, "Annunciation"

German, unknown

c. 1920

Year 1 Presentations

H.I.F Biber Rosary Sonatas, 

No. 2 in A Major, "The Visitation"

No. 4 in d minor, "The Presentation in the Temple"


Heinrich Roth


Year 1 Presentations

H.I.F Biber Rosary Sonatas, 

No. 3 in b minor, "The Nativity"

German, unknown


Year 1 Presentations

H.I.F Biber Rosary Sonatas, 

No. 5 in A Major, "The Finding of Jesus in the Temple"


Bedient Organ Company

Opus 54, 1997

All Presentations

Epiphany’s organ was built by Bedient Organ Company, Lincoln, Nebraska. The 17-rank organ was installed in 1997. The organ has tracker key action which means that there is a mechanical connection between the key and the valve (pallet) which allows air to flow through the pipe. The benefit here is the organist has some control over how the pipe speaks and this key action was employed in the organs of Biber and Bach’s time. 

Stop list:

Great Organ: Manual I (CC-a3)

8' Principal (CC & CC# borrowed from 8' Rohrflute)

8' Rohrflute

4' Octave

2' Octave

II-III Mixture




Swell Organ: Manual II (CC-a3) / Enclosed

8' Salicional (CC-BB borrowed from 8' Gedeckt)

8' Voix Celeste (c0)

8' Gedeckt

4' Spitzflute

II Cornet

2' Flute

8' Trumpet

Tremulant (effects entire organ)


Pedal Organ (CC-f1)

16' Subbass

8' Flute (extension)

16' Fagot (cylindrical) 



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